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Omega NZ Hemp Seed Protein

Hemp Seed Protein can be used like regular flour in your baking, just swap out a 1/4 of regular flour for a healthy boost of Hemp Seed Protein. Want to add more nutrition? Experiment with adding more, or do a complete swap out! The possibilities are endless, thicken gravy, sauces or smoothies. Make breads, muffins, pizza bases or biscuits. Hemp Seed Protein is nutrition for the whole family.

omeganz™ Hemp Seed Protein is:

✓ A good source of protein for muscle growth & maintenance

✓ An excellent source of fibre

✓ A source of all nine Essential Amino Acids

✓ A source of Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3 & 6)

✓ Dairy & Soy Free

✓ Chemical Residue Free

✓ Grown & Made In New Zealand 

✓ Produced in a GE/GMO free production process

300g bag