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Adventure Stories For Daring Girls


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This beautifully illustrated, full-colour hardback gift edition brings together a thrilling and inspiring collection of 15 classic children's stories. These narratives from around the world showcase strong, charismatic, independent female protagonists who know their own minds, and make their own decisions.

Meet Dorothy Gale, who freed faraway Oz from a terrible tyrant; Hua Mulan, who became a mighty warrior, legendary throughout ancient China; clever and powerful goddess Athena of Greek myth, who went toe-to-toe with Poseidon; and many more. These heroines certainly aren't reduced to waiting at home while boys have adventures ... they strike out on their own with self-confidence, imagination, wit, and courage. They live without restraint or narrowly defined roles. Inspire the world-changing women of the future to dream big, by fueling their imaginations with relatable and aspirational role models. A book that belongs on every girl's bookshelf; ideal for children aged 8+.

Stories include: * Gerda and the Snow Queen (Denmark) * Hua Mulan, the Noble Warrior (China) * Heidi's New Adventures (Switzerland) * Alice in Wonderland (UK) * Dorothy's Adventure in Oz (USA) * The Tale of Athena's Great Contest (Greece) * Hinemoa's Great Swim (Maori, NZ) * Chimidyue and the Butterfly (Colombia/Venezuela) * The Tale of Kind Elena and Lazy Anca (Romania) * The Tale of Odette the Swan Maiden (Germany) * Lykke, the Little Mermaid (Denmark) * Guimara, the Giant Princess (Brazil) * The Maiden and the Falcon (Russia) * Celine's Best Cake (France) * Princess Kaguya's Great Adventure (Japan) 


128 pages