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Bulk Bin Bags 3pk

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Rethink Bulk Bin Bags make it easier than ever to avoid plastic packaging and take home loose wholefoods like beans, trail mix, rice, spices and so much more.

The Large Bin Bags are a great size for larger families and can be used to stockpile longer-lasting foods. They’re made of a close-knit premium calico that can even hold ingredients like flour or sugar!

The Small Bin Bags are perfect for solo shoppers who are cooking for one, and can also be used as snack bags during travel and long commutes! 

Like all of our products, you can be certain that these Certified Organic bags are kind to the environment – made from premium, unbleached Indian cotton and 100% biodegradable.  

Packs contain:

Small sized pack contains 3x small bags | 18 x 28.5 cm

Large sized pack contains 3x large bags | 35 x 28.5 cm